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Motor Skills Universal Set

Motor Skills Universal Set

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Recommended Age: 3y+

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Motor Skill Universal Set is suitable for conducting physical movements in a limited space. The Set includes Bricks, Poles, Hoops, Beanbags, Balance Beams and more that can be arranged for various motor skill games including crawling, jumping, walking on balance beams or target tossing. The motor skill education series provides for multiple development and theme-based exercises, and this set also is an ideal obstacle course, helping develop spatial variation, motor coordination, integration, and movement planning activity.


Dimensions: Storage Bag 71 x 81.5 x 13 cm

Components: 12 Half Bricks, 8 Bricks, 4 Small Hoops, 4 Large Hoops, 16 Small Poles, 8 Large Poles, 12 A Clips, 12 B Clips, 10 Bean Bags, 4 Balance Beams, 6 Handprints, 6 Footprints

Weight limit: 110 lbs (balance beam)

Materials: High-quality Plastic, Cotton Fabric, High-grade Synthetic Rubber

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