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Answer Buzzers

Answer Buzzers

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Recommended Age: 2 - 4y

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Jungle Trial is inspired by a forest path. The Logs are flat on one side and convex on the other, which could give children different challenges when walking on it.
One side of the Logs has a growth ring pattern while another side is a flower and leaf pattern. The patterns provide different sensory input to feet.
The Logs can be placed above or underneath the Bases to create different heights, enriching path configurations and activities.
Two Logs can be placed on the Bases to create a track while one Log creates a single-log bridge.
The Bases are safe and stable obstacles to step over. There are multiple ways to play Jungle Trial.

Walking on the balance path enables children to feel their center of gravity and learn to keep balance.
Activities with Jungle Trial improve body movement, coordination and stability.
Configuration with the path up and down builds children’s single-leg strength.
Jungle Trial creates paths with flat or convex surfaces providing different levels of activities.
Children’s movement, balance and coordination are strengthened through games created with the Jungle Trial.
Stepping over the Base improves children’s distance prediction abilities and strengthen hip joint mobility.

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warning: choking hazard

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